How often should I clean my tile and grout and my Jersey Shore, New Jersey home or business in ocean and Monmouth counties based in Brick New Jersey

This is another real common question we get how often should you clean your tile and grout or even Stone. Much like carpet and rug cleaning it varies greatly depending on how much use you get and the age of the tile as well as the last time you had a professional clean it. Most people use things like steam mops which can be good at first but eventually cause more damage to the tile and grout then it can be worth due to the high heat. Another way people clean floors is with bleach, the chlorine will eat away and etch the grout as well as grooves that may be in the tile and cause premature wear making replacement much closer. For high traffic areas we recommend every 6 months to one year, for non-high traffic areas everyone to 2 years this is basically in line with the manufacturers as well. Tile and grout, Stone, any resilient flooring is only resilient to a certain degree and once damaged is almost impossible to fix without a great expense, not just the Tyler Stone but the removal disposal can be extremely expensive. If you or someone you know would benefit from a service like ours, please tell them to call us at 908-357-9945 or at newjerseysbest.com today!! #pointpleasantnjtileandgroutcleaning #newjerseycommercialfloorcleaner #lavelettenjtileandgroutcleaning #mantalokingnjtileandgroutcleaning #tomsrivernjtileandgroutcleaning #oceancountynjcarpetcleaner #bricknjtileandgroutcleaning #monmouthcountycarpetclean #jerseyshorecarpetandtilecleaning #njpropertymanager #lakewoodnj #tomsrivernj #bricknj #freeholdnj #jacksonnj #beforeandafter #coltsnecknj #wallnj #jerseyshorecarpetandtilecleaning #Lakewoodnjcarpetcleaner #bricknjcarpetcleaner  #tomsrivernjcarpetcleaner #jacksonnjcarpetcleaner #mantalokingnjcarpetcleaner #mantokingnjrugcleaner #lavelettenjcarpetcleaner #pointpleasantnjcarpetcleaner