Is Your Tile & Grout Really That Dirty?? in your Ocean & Monmouth County Nj Home and Businesses Serving BrickNj,TomsRiverNj,Jack

We had a potential clients ask me why their floors we so dulled out. After they were told more than once it was a defect we came on to inspect what it could possibly be. The homeowner said they started to dull out very quickly after they moved into the brand new house which as of now has been a year. After some testing we found that there was a ton of high PH residue on the flooring. We asked him where we could do a test and they chose the center of the dining area where it appeared to be the worst. After doing this test in a small area this was the result. Be careful what you use on your tile & stone floors, sometimes you may be doing more harm than good. Feel free to call us at (908) 357-9945 or online 24/7 at newjerseysbestcarpetcleaning.com #njsbesttilecleaning #newjerseysbest #njsbest #njrealtor #njsbesttilecleaning #bricknj #tomsrivernj #lakewoodnj #jerseyshorecarpetandtilecleaning #jacksonnj #bricknjtileandgroutcleaning #freeholdnj