Jersey Shore New jersey Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning!! Professional Results for your Ocean & Monmouth County New Jersey Offi

Commercial tile and grout in both offices industrial Needs routine and regular maintenance. In the pictures you see here this tile and grout was maintained by the janitorial crew they did their very best to get this clean, but after the build up became too much´┐╝´┐╝ we were called in based on a referral from one of our other customers a property management firm. After treating each area multiple times including hand scrubbing and mechanical scrubbing as well as a heavy rents were able to get the results you seen these pictures. To make it even more interesting were able to use our normal equipment and had to have our equipment loaded onto a pallet and lifted onto the second floor in the middle of a large building. Even the most complex jobs We know how to manage and handle for our customers and clients every day. If you have a property that you’re maintaining I need to have a deep cleaned with restorative process, Then give us a call today at 908-357-9945 or online at newjerseysbest.com #NewJerseysBest #njpropertymanager #njsbesttilecleaning #bricknj #tomsrivernj #lakewoodnj #jacksonnj #wallnj #coltsnecknj #jerseyshore #oceancountynj #beforeandafter #jerseyshoretileandgroutcleaner