Maintaining the Tile & Grout in your New Jersey Home Or Business Is crutial to the life of your Ocean, Monmouth, & Middlesex County Floors Serving Brick, Toms River, Freehold, Howell, Jackson, Edison, New Brunswick Home Or Busienss

You can have the best high-gloss brochures and the cleanest high-tech website in the city, but if your “brick and mortar” establishment does not reflect those qualities, you have trouble! You may like to think that your customers won’t notice a few scuff marks on the tile floor or “dust bunnies” hiding stained grout in the corners, but they do. Consumers are smart. Even if they are focused on the main reason they walked into your facility, they will sense the lack of care and feel like you won’t care much for them either.

Being the owner or manager of a business gives you the responsibility of protecting your company’s reputation by maintaining an immaculate environment. In doing so, you also protect the business assets by extending the life of the property. Therefore, hiring the right cleaning company is important to your New Jersey home or business.

Safe-Guarding High-Traffic Commercial Flooring

It’s very important to clean your commercial tile and stone floors daily. We usually don’t have to worry about customers tracking in mud in this arid climate, but the northeast dust has a way of seeping in regardless of the traps we set for it at every entrance. In high-traffic areas, that dust has a way of wearing down even the toughest finishes and sealants, exposing expensive flooring to damage and stains.

Stopping the Damage Before It Gets Worse

In New Jersey, we are at the mercy of certain environmental influences that can be harsh on a floor. Extreme humidity and cold temperatures will damage a tile or stone floor in ways that are virtually unnoticeable by an untrained eye. Hairline cracks might not seem severe to you, but a floor maintenance expert knows the consequences. I have seen top-of-the-line flooring go to shambles within months because tiny cracks in the grout instigated a domino effect. Once the damage begins, it escalates until the grout is destroyed. The tile is next to chip and crack. All of this can be prevented with the use of professional cleaning agents and the application of heavy duty sealants.

Maintaining the Grout

It seems inconceivable that we would have a mold or mildew problem in this climate, but anywhere moisture meets tile and grout is risky. Look around your home or business where high levels of dampness are present or where there are faucets with running water. Do you notice staining or discoloration? If the answer is yes, you are already having issues. Mold can be extremely dangerous due to its toxicity. It also destroys grout rapidly. Best to have these areas inspected and maintained long before harmful organisms begin to breed.

Another source of potential damage comes from the mineral content in the water. Just like the “ring-around-the-toilet” that occurs in this part of the northeast, mineral buildup anywhere there is constant running water creates a hard layer that seems impossible to remove without a jackhammer. Joking aside, it looks nasty and wreaks havoc on your tile and grout. We use professional techniques to get rid of it.

Cleaning Products Developed for Optimal Results

The most offensive thing you can do to a beautiful floor is to use cleaning agents that cause it to age faster than it should. Harsh chemicals will not save a tile or stone floor. They will speed up the wear and tear, especially on porous and ornate surfaces. We don’t want you to be forced to replace your commercial flooring before its time. Use very mild detergents daily to mop your floors, and dry thoroughly to pick up lingering dust particles.

At least once or twice a year, call upon our services to professionally clean and seal your floors. For home or business tile & grout cleaning, New Jersey is in good hands with New Jerseys Best Carpet & Tile Cleaning.  Your sparkling floors will leave a lasting impression with your customers and they’ll know you care!