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This is how we clean Tile & Grout Floors here at New Jerseys Best Cleaning Services 1.- First step is to vacuum all floors 2.- Pre-Spray floors with Alkaline cleaner and allow the quimical to sit for 10 to 15 minutes that way all dirt,grease and whatever is on the floors is gonna start loosing it up. 3.- scrubb all tile floors and grout lines with a brush specially heavy traffic areas 4.-Rinse floors with a rotary tool at about 800-1100 psi of pressure (Be very carefull do not pre-spray wood baseboards) that’s the step that we are doing here in this video 5.- Dry all floors with towels and blowers 6.- Apply grout sealer (If Needed) 7.- Let sealer dry and you’re all set you have a Clean and looking Like New floors